General Manager

General managing the store that see's all the in's and out's of whats going on.

Jason - Genaral Manager


Genaral Manager
Our GM here at Devious is one of a kind with knowledge on just about everything Devious sell's and involved with as well as servicing skills. Jason can be found after work with his kids!


Best sales team in the industry, with good looks and very knowledgeable, makes this team stand out!

Bruce - sales


Bruce is one of our salesmen that is Yamaha YXZ drving fool.. Bruce bringing his sales experience and knowledge to the table.


Our finance is hands down unbeatable, with 15 different options you cant go wrong.

David - Finance specilest


Finance specilest
Our finance professional David knows how to work his magic when it comes to getting customer's approved. David can be found tearing up the sand in his RZR and at home with his family.


This is our service department that deals with all your service needs, from recalls, to extensive repair, to clutch tuning. Our team does it all! Be sure to contact us and set up an appointment to get your rig in soon!!

Tom - Service writer


Service writer
Tom "cat" is here for all your service needs.
BOB - Lead tech


Lead tech
"BOB the builder" or "cat master" is our most experienced technician. When he is not at work you can catch him at home with his lovely wife and daughter.
Gavin - Sevice specialists


Sevice specialists
Gavin is one of our service technician's that knows how to turn a wrench well. Taking pride and ownership in someone else's vehicle is what he does best. Gavin can be found turning wrenches on his own drift car or at the track putting down fresh rubber.

Online sales and marketing

Our online group consists of all part sales as well as new vehicle sales. Keeping our inventory in check and the face of Devious looking good.

Craig - Online sales and marketing


Online sales and marketing
Our Online sales for Devious plays a big role. Craig handles all the online customers and maintenance of the Devious website. Usually you can find this guy at his home shop or at the races/ beach with his RZR.

Shipping/ receiving

Our shipping & receiving department is top notch at getting your parts ordered & received properly in a timely manner.

amy - Shipping/ receiving


Shipping/ receiving
Amy handles all the in's & out's of the shipping/ receiving department. Her best friend's (the UPS delivery guy and FED-EX delivery guy) come by to see her EVERY DAY!! *closed Monday. Amy can be found with Bruce (husband) bangin' gears in there Yamaha YXZ.


Crossing the T's and dotting the i's and making sure all the numbers are correct and legit.

Paulette - Accounting


Paulette is a fun loving person but aggressive with numbers and making sure everything is in order with Devious.